Wireless Transmitter
The analog front end of the wireless charging transmitter includes all the analog components required by the WPC transmitter, and integrates the full-bridge MOSFET, bootstrap circuit, current detection circuit, communication demodulator, linear regulator and protection circuit. Used in conjunction with MCU, it can achieve high-performance wireless power transmission, support EPP and BPP, and provide up to 20W of output power.
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Part NumberTypeVIN rangeAbs. VIN (max)Pout_maxFeaturesMemoryPackage
SC5001Tx4V ~ 14V16V15WIntegrated high-efficiency full bridge; Integrated voltage and current demodulation; High-precision current sampling;-FCQFN19_3x3
SC5003Tx2V – 20V22V20WIntegrated four low Rdson power FETs; integrated 200mA built-in Buck; integrated Q-detection circuit; high-precision voltage and current sampling; maximum 20W power output;-FCQFN21_4x4
SC5003QTx2V – 20V22V20WAEC-Q100 qualified for automotive applications:Device temperature Grade 1: -40°C to +125°C, TAFCQFN21_4x4
SC5004Tx4V – 13V15V15WIntegrated high-efficiency full bridge; integrated voltage and current demodulation; high-precision current sampling;-FCQFN19_4x4
SC9602Tx4V ~ 14V16V10WIntegrated voltage and current demodulation, Integrated low Rdson full bridge,Support DPDM fast charging protocol, Smaller package size16kB OTPFCQFN21_3x3
SC9606Tx2V – 12V16V10WIntegrated voltage and current demodulation, Integrated low Rdson full bridge,Support DPDM fast charging protocolFCQFN25_4x4
SC9608Tx2V ~ 14V16V15WFully integrated solution supports DP/DM fast charging protocol; supports PD fast charging protocol; integrates current and voltage demodulation; integrates Q-detection; supports flexible development of multiple programming solutions;24kB MTPFCQFN25_4x4
SC9610CON4V-22V30V50WQi2.0 compliant wireless power transmitterMTPQFN 5x5
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