High Power Wireless Power Transmitter



The SC9610 is a highly integrated, highly efficient, magnetic induction wireless power transmitter. Operate with a wide input voltage range of 4V to 22V. Up to 50W maxpower output. and Complication with WPC-Qi2.0 protocol. The transmitter integrates a 32-bit powerful digital core, rich memory, and peripherals. 64KB MTP and 8KB SRAM for user to develop wireless power transmitter and other application. Up to 3 channels enhanced PWM output, and the clock frequency up to 192Mhz. The transmitter integrates a full bridge driver, a Amplitude-Shift-Key (ASK) demodulation module, a Frequency-Shift-Key (FSK) modulation module, a Analog-to-Digital converter module, 6 Timer modules and a Capture module. The transmitter also integrates fast charge interface. Including DP/DM, USB-PD, VOOC, AFCP and UFCS. The transmitter support Q-factor detection to achieve high quality foreign object detection. The device is available in QFN44_5x5 package.


    ● 4.0V to 22.0V input voltage range
    ● 1.0V to 42.0V converter voltage range
    ● Qi2.0 compliant wireless power transmitter
    ● Integrated 64KB MTP, 8KB SRAM
    ● Support MTP on-line upgrade
    ● Integrated LDO 5V, LDO3.3V and LDO1.5V
    ● Support USB PD3.0
    ● Support DP/DM/UFCS/VOOC
    ● Support I2C(master/slave) interface
    ● Integrated full bridge drivers
    ● Integrated capture module
    ● Integrated 3 pairs enhanced PWM generator
    ● Integrated 3 pairs general PWM generator
    ● Integrated external crystal driver
    ● Integrated 192Mhz PLL
    ● Integrated accurate current sense for FOD
    ● Low Power Mode



● Wireless power transmitter
● DC-motor driver
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