10W Wireless Power Transmitter SOC



The SC9606 is a highly integrated wireless power transmitter SOC solution that contains both digital microcontroller and analog front end (AFE). The microcontroller includes a high performance 32-bit digital core, rich memory and peripherals. The AFE includes a full-bridge power MOSFETs, current sense amplifier, communication demodulator, linear regulator and protection circuit. The SC9606 supports various type of transmitter include both Extended Power Profile (EPP) and Baseline Power Profile (BPP) defined in WPC V1.2.4. The SC9606 integrates DP/DM interface. To implement an EPP transmitter system, the SC9606 can request a high voltage from the adapter through DP/DM interface. The SC9606 supports foreign object detection (FOD) by continuously monitoring the input voltage and input DC current. Besides, the SC9606 also supports input under-voltage lockout (UVLO), over-current protection (OCP) and over-temperature protection (OTP). These protections further enhance the reliability of the total wireless power transmitter system. The SC9606 is available in a compact 4x4 mm FCQFN package.



 4.0V to 12.0V AVIN input voltage range
 2.0V to 12.0V PVIN input voltage range
 Support up to 10W output power
 Integrated voltage and current demodulation
 Integrated low RDSON power FETs
 Integrated FET driver and bootstrap circuit
 Integrated accurate current sense for FOD
 Support DP/DM fast charging interface
 4mm x 4mm FCQFN package


 WPC Compliant Wireless Power Transmitter
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