20W Full-Bridge Power Stage for High-Integrated, HighEfficiency Wireless Power Transmitter



The SC5003Q is a highly integrated wireless power transmitter analog front end that contains all of the analog components required to implement a WPC compliant transmitter. The SC5003Q integrates a fullbridge power driver with MOSFETs, current sense amplifier, bootstrap circuit, communication demodulator and protection circuit. The SC5003Q can work with transmitter controller together to create a highperformance wireless power transmitter that complies with both the WPC V1.2.4 Extended Power Profile (EPP) and Baseline Power Profile (BPP). The system supports foreign object detection (FOD) by continuously monitoring the amount of power transferred and comparing that to the amount of received power, as reported by the receiver. In order to do this, the SC5003Q measures the input DC current very accurately using a current sense amplifier. Besides, the SC5003Q also supports input under-voltage lockout (UVLO), input over-voltage protection (OVLO), overcurrent protection (OCP) and over-temperature protection (OTP). The SC5003Q is available in a compact 4 x 4 mm FCQFN21L package.




 Support 1V to 20V full bridge input voltage range
 Support 4V to 20V AVIN input voltage range
 Support up to 20W output power
 AEC-Q100 qualified for automotive applications: Device temperature Grade 1: -40°C to +125°C, TA
 Integrated four low Rdson power FETs
 Integrated FET driver and bootstrap circuit
 Integrated 5V/200mA buck regulator
 Integrated voltage and current demodulation
 Integrated accurate current sense for FOD
 Integrated Q factor detection
 Single-wire digital interface
 4mm x 4mm FCQFN21L package


 WPC Compliant Wireless Power Transmitter
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