High Efficiency, Synchronous 3A Buck Charger for 1 cell Li-ion Battery with NVDC Power Path Management



The SC89601D is a 1.5MHz highly integrated switch-mode buck charger for 1 cell Li-ion battery applications and NVDC system power path management, which separate the system load and charge current, also the system can power up with deep depletion battery. System can get the power from VBUS, VBAT or both. It supports 3.9-13.5V input voltage, up to 3A charging current and provide battery charge management functions including trickle charge, constant current charge, constant voltage charge, charge termination, auto recharge and charging status indication.The SC89601D supports flexible charge current option, the user can program the current and all others charger spec by I2C. With the charger management function, the IC can be used to charge 1 cell Li-ion battery. The SC89601D supports USB OTG with up to 1.2A output with PFM/PWM mode. Meanwhile, the SC89601D supports USB BC1.2 and non-standard adapters. The SC89601D supports input current and voltage limit, input under voltage and over voltage protections, internal cycle by cycle current limit, battery short circuit protection, and output over voltage protection. It also offers charging safety timer and over temperature protection to ensure safety under different abnormal conditions. The SC89601D integrated all MOSFETs, current sensing, loop compensation and I2C interface. The SC89601D is available in QFN(24)-4*4 package.



Integrated Synchronous Buck Charger


Integrated NVDC Power Path Management


Charging Management (Trickle Charge / Constant Current Charge / Constant Voltage Charge / Charge Termination)


Integrated I2C Interface


I2C Programmable Constant Charge Current, ±5% @720mA-3A accuracy


I2C Programmable Constant Voltage,±0.5% accuracy


I2C Programmable Charge Safety Timer


Support OTG Discharging Function and I2C Programmable Output Voltage: 3.9V~5.4V with up 1.2A Current


Charge Status Indication


NTC for Battery Protection (Support JEITA Standard)


Input Under Voltage and Over Voltage Protection


Internal Cycle by Cycle Over Current Protection




Battery Over Voltage and Short Protection


Battery Discharging Over Current and Under voltage Protection


Thermal Regulation and Shutdown


QFN(24)-4*4 Footprint




Smart Phones


Portable Internet Devices and Accessory

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