High Efficiency, Synchronous Buck Controller

The SC8001A is a synchronous buck controller. It supports very wide input and output voltage range. It can support applications from 2.7V to 36V input range and 1V to 36V output range. The driver voltage is set to 10V to fully utilize external MOSFETs for highest efficiency. The SC8001A supports input current limit, output current limit and over temperature protections to ensure safety under different abnormal conditions. The switching frequency and current limits can be programmed through resistors freely. The SC8001A supports a series of protection functions including input current limiting, output current limiting, dynamic input power regulation, internal maximum current limiting, short circuit protection and overtemperature protection to ensure that the system can adapt to various abnormal conditions. The SC8001A adopts 32 pin QFN 4x4 package.


●  High efficient buck operation


●  Wide input voltage range: 2.7 V to 36 V

●  Wide output range: 1V to 36V


●  Integrated 10V, 2A gate driver


●  Adjustable frequency 200kHz to 600kHz


●  Light load: PFM mode


●  Integrated inductor current limiting


●  Adjustable input/output current


●  Under voltage protection and short circuit protection


●  QFN-32 Package


●  Smart USB HUB




●  Car charger


●  Industrial applications

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