50W Highly Integrated Wireless RTx
The SC9625 is a high-integrated and high-efficient single-chip wireless power receiver/transmitter IC(RTx). The SC9625 integrates a high efficiency synchronous fullbridge rectifier with ultra-low RDS to convert the AC power signal from a wireless transmitter to DC power and a programmable low-dropout LDO allowing for extremely high efficiency and system optimization. The SC9625 contains an industry-leading on-chip 32-bit MCU with extremely low standby power consumption and MTP memory offering great flexibility for system firmware update. As a receiver, it can deliver 50W(20V/2.5A) output power to the downstream charger system. As a transmitter, it can support up to 15W output power to other wireless receivers. The SC9625 is compatible to WPC Qi (v1.3) protocol and in support for propriety protocols. The device is available in an ultra-small 2.875mm x 4.035mm WLCSP-54 package.

● Deliver up to 50W power as a receiver and 15W in TX mode


Deliver up to 50W power as a receiver and 15W in TX mode
Integrated high-efficiency synchronous rectifier
High performance LDO with programmable output voltage from 3.5V to 20V with 10mV step
10mA current sense accuracy
Support Half-bridge mode start up and operation
Ultra-low standby current
Embedded on-chip 32bit MCU and 32kB MTP
Support I2C interface and GPIOs
97% AC to DC efficiency
     √ VRECT UVP/OVP protection
     √ AC SCP protection
     √ LDO OCP/SCP/OPP protection
     √ OTP
WLCSP-54 2.875mm x 4.035mm package



● Smart Phone


● Tablet PC


Other medical and industrial instrumentation


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