High-Accuracy Protector with Integrated MOSFET for Single Cell Liion/Polymer Battery

The SC5510L is a highly integrated IC for single-cell Li-ion battery protection. It controls integrated MOSFET and provides battery protection functions including battery over voltage protection and battery under voltage protection, charge/discharge over current protection and load short circuit protection etc. The SC5510L only requires little external components composites of one capacitor and one resistor, which can reduce space and cost effectively, especially for limited space battery pack application. The SC5510L especially integrates compensation for internal MOSFET Rdson variations under different temperature and battery voltage, which effectively ensures high-accuracy voltage/current detection and delay circuit to avoid battery over charge/ over discharge. Therebefore, battery is applied under safe region and lifetime is effectively prolonged. The SC5510L consumes very low standby current for cell long-time storing. The integrated low-Rdson MOSFET ensures that battery delivers the maximum power. The SC5510L is available in 8 pin 2x2 DFN(FC) package.


●  Single cell Li-ion/ polymer battery protector


●  Low cost and easy to design, only one capacitor and


●  resistor needed


●  Accurate delay circuit


●  Charge over voltage protection and release


●  Discharge under voltage protection and release


●  Charge over current protection


●  Discharge over current protection


●  Load short circuit protection


●  Support 0V battery charging function


●  Reverse charger protection


●  Integrated ultra-low Rsdson MOSFET(9mΩ, VM-GND)


●  Low supply current and shutdown current (5μA/0.4μA)


●  Thermal shutdown


●  Power bank


●  Single-Cell Li-ion or polymer rechargeable battery pack


●  Wearable device


●  Mobile device

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