Fast Turn-Off Synchronous Rectifier

SC3511 is a smart secondary-side synchronous rectifier. It integrates a 100V power MOSFET. SC3511 can replace Schottky diode so the system can achieve higher efficiency. The SR MOSFET is turned on when the VVD falls below turn-on threshold, and turned off when the VVD exceeds turn-off threshold. The SR conduction voltage drop is continuously monitored to minimize the conduction loss. The extremely fast turn-off comparator and driving circuitry ensures the safety of the system, even in current continuous mode (CCM) condition. This chip supports both high side rectification and low side rectification.


●  No need of auxiliary winding for power supply


●  Patented programmable turn on detection circuitry


●  Extremely low quiescent current leads to low stand by power


●  Supports DCM, CCM, and Quasi-Resonant mode converters


●  Supports both high and low side synchronous rectification


●  SOP8 package available


●  Universal AC-DC Adaptors


●  USB PD and QC Chargers


●  Flyback Power Supplies with Variable Output Voltage


●  AC-DC auxiliary supplies

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