Interface PMIC

The Interface PMIC product provides a highly integrated charge/discharge solution for end-applications. The product integrates 1-rail high efficiency Buck converter charger, 1-rail efficiency charge pump charger, two LED driver circuits, and supports a variety of fast charge protocols whitch highly compatible with different adapters. The area required for charge/discharge schemes is effectively reduced. And the terminal application is more flexible.

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Part NumberProtocolVIN rangeBuck charger Max Charging CurrentCharge Pump Max Charging CurrentVBAT_REG RangeVINDPMIINDPMCharge Termination CurrentI2C SupportOTG Output VoltageFlash LED Driver CapacityTorch LED Driver CapacityPackage
SC6605BC1.2/PD3.1/UFCS3.9V~13.5V4A8A3.84V~4.856V4V~10.7V100mA~3250mA100mA~1650mA1.2V/1.8V/3.3V3.9V~5.7V1.5A for each each0.5A for each eachWLCSP 8x8
SC6603BC1.2/PD3.1/UFCS3.9V~13.5V4A/3.84V~4.856V4V~10.7V100mA~3250mA100mA~1650mA1.2V/1.8V/3.3V3.9V~5.7V1.5A for each each0.5A for each eachWLCSP 8x8
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