LPDDR PMIC products provide multi-channel power solutions for LPDDR, integrated 2-rail Buck converter and 1-rail Load Switch. Meet JEDEC's requirements for LPDDR power sequence. Support different output voltage configurations, more flexible in terminal applications.

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Part NumberVIN rangeAbs. VIN (max)VDD1 IOUT(Peak)VDD2 IOUT(Peak)VDDQ IOUT(Peak)VDD2 rangeVDDQ rangeTopologyFswMODEOCPPackage
SC63013.1-24V28V3A14A3A1.065V/1.1V/0.9V0.51V/0.6V/0.3VVDD1: Load Switch VDD2/VDDQ: BuckVDD2: 650kHz VDDQ: 650kHzPFMVDD1: 4.5A VDD2: 15A Valley VDDQ: 3.5A ValleyFCQFN 3x3
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