We Care For You!

Southchip supports career growth and shapes a brighter future for all employees.

A sound mentoring program helps you better integrate into new environment and be quickly qualified for new work.

An outstanding technical team with challenging work acquires you talented colleagues, coworkers and partners.

A comprehensive learning program consisted of wide-range training resources develops your skills and knowledge.

A well-established promotion mechanism guides you to define career path,realize future career goals and gain self-achievement.

Culture of Southchip

√ Customer Priority    √ Results Oriented

√ Innovation Driven    √ Quality First


Corporate culture is a code of conduct that all SC-ers commonly recognized and accepted, which lays essential foundation for Southchip.

Southchip encourages employees to communicate transparently and openly, and promotes Diversity & Inclusion in the workplace.

Each employee can further his or her own development and be engaged into corporate culture. We hope all SC-ers bear Southchip culture in mind.

Happiness of working in Southchip


  • √ Competitive salary
  • √ Different types of employee recognition awards
  • √ Supplementary commercial insurance, providing a full coverage in medical and accident for employees and their children
  • √ Healthcare, free gym & comprehensive annual physical examination, providing a healthy and joyful work and life experience
  • √ Holiday benefits, allowances and gifts, team building, tourism, birthday parties…
  • √ Flexible working hours, an equal and free atmosphere
Consulting telephone : 4006803188(Business) 021-38067888(Headquarter)
Sales & marketing: sc-sales-service@southchip.com
Human resources: hr-candidate@southchip.com
Complaints & suggestions: complain@southchip.com