Triple Output 800mA AMOLED Display Power Supply

The SC6008 is a triple-channel switching mode power supply which is designed to drive AMOLED displays requiring VELVDD, VELVSS and VAVDD. It integrates a boost converter for VELVDD, an inverting buck-boost converter for VELVSS and a boost converter for VAVDD. The output voltage is highly precise and can be programmed by the external signal. For the portable device applications, size, power consumption and reliability are always in the first consideration. The SC6008 uses a tiny package and it switches at a high frequency to minimize the inductor and the capacitor size. The ELVSS and AVDD rail adopts PSM to optimize efficiency in light load. Besides, synchronous rectification (each rail) is used to maximize the power efficiency. The device integrates UVLO, SCP and OTP to protect itself from abnormal situations. The SC6008 uses innovative technology enabling excellent line and load regulation. All the output rails allow being programmed by MC pin in digital steps.


●  2.5V to 5.0V Input Voltage Range


●  Synchronous Boost Converter (ELVDD)

   √ 4.6V to 5V output range (default 4.6V)

   √ 0.5% Accuracy

   √ Up to 800mA Output Current Capability


●  Synchronous Inverting Buck-Boost Converter (ELVSS)

   √ -5.4V to -1.4V output range (default -2.5V)

   √ ± 30mV Accuracy

   √ Up to 800mA Output Current Capability .

   √ PSM (Power Saving Mode) in light load


●  Synchronous Boost Converter (AVDD)

   √ 5.8V to 7.9V output range (default 6.1V)

   √ 1% Accuracy

   √ 100mA output current capability


●  Input to Output, Output to Input Isolation


●  Fast Discharge


●  Single-wire digital interface for programming




●  Package: 3×3×0.75mm, 16Pin QFN


●  AMOLED display for mobile devices

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